The Mediation Room

The Mediation Room is available to anyone, across states, across Australia and in fact across the world!

It is an online facility that you can use with the help of Nationally Accredited Mediators and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners, dependant on your dispute and the issues involved.

We specialise in Workplace and Family Mediations.

We can arrange your mediation intake sessions and we will invite the other party/parties to attend, so you do not have to have communication directly with them if that is your choice and we will update you every step of the way, advising progress of the other party too, as you proceed towards your mediation and settlement of your dispute.

We can arrange individual sessions or joint sessions. We can arrange extended mediations, that aid negotiations between the parties over time - or you may take advantage of our shuttle services and be “invisible” to the other party whilst we mediate.

Using The Mediation Room is affordable and simple - just give us a call and we’ll help you decide on your options.

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